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Perry Firekeeper-Birch had anticipated a carefree Summer of Slack, but fate had other plans. A car accident, not of her making, forces her into working to repay her Auntie Daunis for jeep repairs. Fortunately, Perry finds support in the unconventional summer program, Team Misfit Toys, and her twin sister Pauline. Together, they navigate obstacle courses, organize vigils for missing women in the community, and salvage the essence of summer.

Everything takes a turn when Perry attends a university meeting and discovers the existence of the "Warrior Girl" – an ancestor whose bones and knife are held in the museum archives. Determined to right the wrongs, Perry learns that the university exploits legal loopholes to retain Warrior Girl and twelve other Anishinaabe ancestors' remains. The Misfits, refusing to accept this injustice, embark on a daring heist to reclaim the stolen artifacts and remains.

Yet, as they delve into the mission, a more sinister truth emerges – more women are disappearing. Unraveling secrets and mysteries, Perry and the Misfits find themselves in a battle to rectify the wrongs committed against the ancestors and the community.

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